WHAT IS IOT ? | what’s internet of things(IOT) ?


The Actual importance of “Internet of things” (IOT) is the network and registering capacity of PC and gadgets that utilization by entire world.

The Internet is the biggest system in the whole world, which runs PCs and gadgets everywhere throughout the world.

It isn’t that we were not associated with one another before web was not accessible or we was unable to converse with one another, Like prior individuals used to speak with one another through letter. Then Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone to give a revolution to this entire world, in the same way the Internet is also a big revolution for this modern world.
We use the internet all day in our life, like using the alarm to wake up in the morning and many things.

Without internet we can’t imagine of our world because one third of the whole world uses internet.


Internet of Things is a Technique that saves human time. Today we are living in that era of the world where without internet we can not even imagine our life.
Advantages to using IOT –
• It is efficient and save our time.
• Easily monitoring.
• Make task easier.
• Enhances device communication.

People have consistently developed to dispose of their difficulty. There are numerous things that go under web of things which people have concocted

  1. Smart phone
  2. Artificial Intelligence
  3. Wearable
  4. Network Architecture
  5. Smart city
  6. Connected Car
  7. Connected Health (Digital Health)
  8. Smart Retail

“On the off chance that you don’t think about these variables let me clarify in change brief way in straightforward language through which it will be straightforward”

Smart Phones as a tool of IOT

Mobile phone is multi purpose multi computing device.Smart phone is a big revolution for our modern world.Its change the entire world action that make their undertaking simpler and spare their time.

Artificial intelligence

It is a colossal innovation for things to make them qualified to working itself .Its everything about taking a shot at voice order like:- apple’s siri ,google assistant,windows cortana.


The wearable thing are wireless device that connect with our smart phones to operating it in easier way.like:- Bluetooth,Apple watch etc.

Network Architecture

The network architecture is a connection (DNS server) that connected all computer devices with internet. That is mainly two type-
1- IPv4 (internet protocol version 4)
2- IPv6 (internet protocol version 6)

Smart city

The technology of “internet of things” make our city smart with the help of techniques of traffic signal,technical lights,security system etc.

Connected Car

The Connected car is higher technology of “internet of thing” in which Cars connected with internet that controlled wireless easily by driver

Connected health(Digital health )

The connected Health is a medical equipment to use for patience daily checkup. Its also connected with devices.

Smart Retail

In a cutting edge world, numerous individuals utilize the numerous site like, flipkart ,Amazon,Alibaba and so forth, for shopping and a lot more things.

Incidentally, the entire world has a place with Internet of Things. Be that as it may, there are over certain instances of “IOT”.

Categories of “Internet of Things”:-

Mainly there are divided into three categories:-

  1. Consumer IOT
  2. Commercial IOT
  3. Industrial IOT

Consumer IOT:

At the point when we talk about the difference in a decade ago and region of associated gadgets . Shopper implies the getting to or watching our physical thing. The technology help that to accessing our daily physical activity like:- connected cars, mobile phones,smart lighting ,thermometer etc.

Commercial IOT:

The component of are of business like:-inventory control, medical devices and many more to help to business run better.Commercial word attached with the money.Commercial categories of IOT means the technology makes easier our commercial work like:- calculator,laptops,and many more devices.

Industrial IOT:

The industries also uses the technology of internet of things to make their work easier with many techniques.These technique applied on whole industrial product like:-industrial application, sensor,management etc.

IS IOT CHANGING THE WORLD? Let’s take a look

IoT is reexamining the vehicle by empowering associated autos. With IoT, vehicle proprietors can work their autos remotely—by, for instance, preheating the vehicle before the driver gets in it or by remotely bringing a vehicle by telephone. Given IoT’s ability to enable device to-device correspondence, automobiles will even have the alternative to book their own help courses of action when advocated.

So that is the reason IOT changing the world .This is beginning transformation of IOT ,it will change the world in unfathomable way.

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