What is Git and Github for beginners

So, what is git now if you’re new to programming all if you joined a company recently you might have heard about this . In fact from last three to four years everyone is talking about this kit. what exactly it is and why people is using it and how can we use it?

So I will try to answer all those questions in this particular article. let’s get started now git is created by Lena star world you guessed it right is the same guy who has created Linux kernel.

Now why he created another  technology called as git so what happens you know when you talk about Linux kernel it’s open source ,right and anyone can contribute so if you are living in any way in the world you can contribute to the Linux kernel now what you can do ,you can download the copy of enough Cardinale you can add your own features and you can submit it there,

They will not accept your request by default but, you have to provide some new features the important thing is you can be a contributor to Linux kernel okay so in this world we have millions of programmers right if everyone is trying to work on one software how they can manage it is it that easy to manage no it’s damn difficult trust me even if you have five people working in a project. It will be difficult for you to manage that project .

What is Git?

Now Git is actually a distributed version control system. Heavy words right so let’s try to understand those words here now what happens if we have a concept of SCM . Now I’m not talking about supply chain management here SCM has lots of full form now this full form which we have to see here is called as software configuration management or you can also use one local form there which is called as source code management .

Let’s understand through example ,suppose you are working on a project alone and you have to submit your project to a client and you make your all complete project ,and you show your project to your client and client says you to add some more features on that project or code.

And you make a software with the codes and give them to client and software is working in a proper way with efficiency but after some time you think to add more new features to that software .

And again you write the same code and add new features . Now after adding new features you realize this new features are not working properly now what you will do you remove all the features right or maybe ,when you show this product to your client and your client says this new features are not that good for us so what you thought okay let’s remove all those features.

what you will do you will again write the same code right but luckily if you have a backup normally we use Dropbox for the backup right. So what you will do you copy that code and you will push it again but don’t you think you are doing lots of work.

That is why we came here with git and git hub.

What is Github?


We have established that Git is a version control system, which is similar but better than many options available. So, what makes GitHub so special? Git is an order line device, yet the middle around which Git spins is an all-center point center – GitHub.com. where developers store their projects and networks like minded people.

Some essential of github:

  • Repositories
  • Branches
  • Commits
  • Pull Requests
  • Forking a Repo

Repositories :

  • It is a type of hub which are used to store ongoing project.
  • It can contain all type of file.
  • The GitHub repository should also include a license file and a README file about the project.
  • A GitHub repository can be used to store views or for any resource you want to share.

A storehouse (typically curtailed to “repo”) is where all records for a specific task are put away. Each task has its own repo, and you can get to it with a special URL.


  • A GitHub branch is used to work with different versions of the repository at the same time.
  • Any other branch is a copy of the master branch (as it once was).
  • The new branches are for bug fixes and feature functions are separate from the master branch. At the point when changes are prepared, they can be converged into the ace branch. If you make changes to the master branch while working on the new branch, these updates can be pulled inside.


  • When changes are occurs in github it is called commits.
  • Each changes are well explain why these changes occur.

Pull Requests:

  • Pull requests are the heart of GitHub collaboration.
  • With a pull request you are proposing that your changes must be merged (drawn) with the master.
  • Pull requests show material differences, changes, additions and subtractions in color, green (and red).
  • As soon as you have a commit, you can open a pull request and start the discussion before the code ends.

You have abandoned a repository, made a great modification to the project, and want it to be recognized by the original developers – perhaps even included in the official project / repository. You can do this by creating a pull request. The author of the original repository can view your work, and then choose whether to accept it in the official project.

Forking a Repo:

This is a wonderful feature that greatly encourages further development of programs and other projects. If you find a project on GitHub to which you want to contribute, you can fork the repo, you can change what you want, and release the modified project as a new repo. If you made the original repository update to create your new project, you can easily add those updates to your current fork.

Is Github for developers only?

It all talks about how GitHub is ideal for programmers, can you believe that they are the only ones who will find it useful. While this is much less common, you can actually use GitHub for any type of files. Suppose if you have a team that always make changes to a document code or file. For example, you can use GitHub as your version control system. This practice is not common, as there are better options in most cases, but this is to be kept in mind.

So if you working on a project or in a team then you can use github it is very good source to store all your project and work.

Difference between git and github

How does it matter? Simply put, Git is a version control system that lets you manage and monitor your source code history. GitHub is a cloud-based facilitating administration that lets you oversee Git stores. If you have open-source projects that use Git, GitHub is designed to help you manage better.

Benefits of Github

  • This makes it easy to contribute to your open source projects.About every open source uses github.
  • Documentation. …
  • Show your work by doing. …
  • Markdown. …
  • GitHub is a repository. …
  • Track changes to your code across versions. …
  • Integration Options.

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