What is Cloud Computing in simple terms?


We are going to talk about cloud computing here.You will get all the information about cloud computing.

We will learn here about following topics.

  1. What is cloud computing?
  2. Types of computing?
  3. What are the Services of computing?
  4. What are needs of computing?
  5. Where computing is mostly used?
  6. Top companies are using computing?
  7. Is it necessary to use computing?

What is cloud computing?

You know the PC we use, so a portion of its assets are likewise utilized like hard disk and information stockpiling gadgets, we utilize every one of these things store a lot of information or data.

In the event that you need to store limited quantity of information, at that point you can without much of a stretch store your information in a hard disk.But if you have to store a large amount of data which can’t be stored in a normal hard disk.then here we need of cloud hosting or computing.

A cloud hosting/computing is a place where all the big organizations store their data . These data center can be organised any other place.These data center can be in a city or in a country.And when the organization needs the data they can easily access, and when they want to store their data they can easily store.

For example:-

Just like all of us use Facebook, they have a lot of data like a lot of people are maintaining their profiles. So Facebook cannot store it in a hard disk,because it need very high amount storage capacity. (Thousands of crores of GB.)

If we see in simple language then cloud computing means.Store your information elsewhere and get to it when required. What’s more, this is the thing that distributed computing is.”

Types of cloud computing?

These are mainly three types:
  1. Public
  2. private
  3. Hybrid

Public cloud hosting/computing

If we talk about Public Cloud hosting/Computing in simple language, then public cloud Computing means if we store any data or keep it some place, at that point it will be kept freely as though anybody need he/she can get to it effectively through a little connection.

In the event that a client need to get to the information, at that point it tends to be bring effectively through a straightforward connection ,which is award by the authority of that association.

Public computing is not very secure,as other type of computing.

Private cloud hosting/computing

Private cloud is a cloud that is meant for private works, which are the big companies, when they store their resources and data, they can only access them.

No other third party person can access it without any authorization.It is more secure than the public cloud hosting/computing.

Hybrid cloud hosting/computing

It is mixture of both the computing public and private because ,If the authorization want to give the access to any person then they can give permission , and if the authorization do not want to give the access to any other person then they can keep their data private.

What are the services of cloud computing?

There are mostly three types of services
  1. SaaS
  2. PaaS
  3. IaaS
SaaS (Software as a service):-

SaaS is kind of administration in cloud computing,In which applications are facilitated by the specialist co-op or merchant and made accessible to the clients on the Internet, SaaS is turning into a famous help conveyance model in the present time.

Through the Internet, this administration is made accessible to the client everywhere throughout the world.

If conversation about the old technique for data amassing in which the customer expected to buy the item to store the data, by then he expected to present it on his PC. Or maybe, at this moment, the customer can without quite a bit of a stretch purchase in to the cloud organization on a month to month premise. You can exploit the administration, likewise, clients can undoubtedly utilize SaaS administration on practically all web empowered gadgets.

PaaS(Plateform as a service):-

PaaS is a type of services in computing in which ,Developers get a platform to make their applications and they host the application in cloud computing.And when they want to access it they can easily access it with the help of Internet.

For example

When we were studying is school or collage ,if there is a painting activity we get all the the things like color and brush from school/collage side ,we have to only paint,and nothing else.

So like this it create a platform for the developers and developers only have to made applications and all the features are already available for developers.Furthermore, time to time it give refreshes and bring new highlights for the designers .

IaaS( Infrastructure as a Service)

Beside PaaS, IaaS a basic help of dispersed processing. At this moment, can find a workable pace on the Internet in a virtual way.It gives an assortment of processing administrations and foundation, for example, virtual server space, arrange affiliations, information transmission, load balancers and IP addresses, etc. At the present time, typically confined into free server ranches and hardware resources furthermore tackle a huge amount of organizations.

What are needs of cloud computing?

  1. Through use of cloud there is less chance to loss of data.
  2. It keep our data secure and safe.
  3. It provide high storage capacity which is need of every company .
  4. While using cloud hosting/computing we need to access less software and hardware.
  5. User can easily connect with with Laptop and Mobile easily .

Where cloud computing is mostly used ?

It is mostly used in big companies ,which need lot’s of data storage ,the company like Google,Microsoft Facebook etc ,need high data storage capacity .That is why these company prefer cloud hosting.

Top companies are using cloud computing?

  1. AWS
  2. Microsoft
  3. Google Cloud
  4. Alibaba cloud
  5. IBM cloud

Is it necessary to use?

If you want to store lots of data without any storage device and you want to give this work to any other company ,and if you want to keep your data secure. Then you must need this computing to keep your data and store it with privacy

It is not only a platform to keep your images ,videos and data ,it is much more than this.

It provide lots of facility more like,Flexibility,Easy access,Data security,No maintenance,Easy access etc.

So distributed computing is an Important tempest in this day and age.

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