What Happens Inside A BLACK HOLE ?

Born of Black Hole

the dark spot point is known as black hole
Source: pixabay

Essentially, we are here to find out about what occurs inside a Black Hole(black gap)? so before knowing something about it , allows first comprehend about some essential things with respect to it.

Essentially Black Holes are stars which are profoundly packed in size during quite a while. And become very small in size so their gravitation
became very high and attract other plants. In 1915 Einstein gave his
law of general relativity which introduced us that the gravitational

force can’t influence the speed of light. But Black Hole do not follow
this law . We don’t have a particular picture that define black hole
clearly. It does not fallow universal law.

Event horizon:– It is a boundary when any object came in this area then it’s speed increases and it started going towards it. The only way to escape is object speed must be greater than the speed of light that is impossible according to great scientist Einstein. So no one can come out from here even light also.

Singularity: The center of black hole is known as singularity, it is a
one dimensional point. When any object inter in the singularity its
atoms started starched and become completely vanished.
Peculiarity is where thickness and gravity is vast. What’s more, it is past of relativity law of Einstein.

At the point when light,( which is quickest in speed in entire universe) enter in dark gap then it is pulverized. In it time runs moderate ,the planets which is close to dark entire have diverse time speed.

The Mystery Of Universe

space seems to be like this from black hole
Source: pixabay

Black hole is still a big mystery for whole world. Light is the fastest element but when light enters in black hole then It can’t came out of this so it doesn’t have any color.

 We grow very fast in all the sectors and developing our technology very fast but still we don’t know clearly about black hole and what is in the it. We only know it has very high gravitational force which attract planets and anything which is near about it.

The area near it is like when anything comes near it then its gravitational force attract it and rotating towards and fall in it .

The mystery of universe can be solved with itself.

Because when black whole destroyed it reviled huge amount of energy .

First pic of Black hole

The black hole is outlined by emission from hot gas swirling around it
Source: pixabay

In 19 april 2019 a universal system of radio telescope called the Event skyline telescope take the principal pic of Black gap it is an excessively enormous Black gap at the focal point of In this pic it is unmistakable a brilliant ring , the dark piece of ring dark gap.

There are numerous stars present in our universe and many dark openings are likewise present in our universe. But there is a small confusion in mind that if black hole will be near to our earth then it will destroy earth.But the nearest black hole is 3,450 light years far from earth. And it is known as V616 monocerotis and it is 6-13 time larger than sun. 

Who discovered black hole

founder of black hole
Albert Einstein

As we know Albert Einstein gives his theory of general relativity in 1915. And with the help of his theory of relativity he predict about black hole in universe. And after that American astronomer John Wheeler introduced the word Black hole.


It’s size may be very small in size and may be very big in size but their mass will be larger than thousands of sun. 

Myth of black hole

Many Scientist say that time travel can possible through it , because in black gap , time become very slow so we can able to do time travel. Yet, this is preposterous in light of the fact that we realize that no object even light can turned out from dark space.

Can we construct it?


It tends to be developed, anything can be changed into it. It is essentially a stars whose mass become very dencend and changed over into a point mass by which their thickness become high and can pull in anything. So for creation of this we have to convert its whole mass into a point mass which is not possible.

Types of black hole

it is space  scene of black hole
source pixabay

1- Primordial

2 -Stellar

3– Super massive

1: Primordial: Primordial hole smallest in size. It is formed due to big bang. They are 100,000 times less then paper pin and their mass is 100,000 time greater then sun.

2: Stellar:

 Stellar holes are medium type of Black gap. This is 20 time greater than the mass of the sun

3: Super massive: It is the largest black gap in the universe we know It is hundreds of thousands of billions time larger then sun.

We take a first pic of black hole this is our greatest achievement in space science 

The massive black hole is about 55 million away from our earth. So it was not easy to take pic of it.

What happens inside a Black Hole?

Dark gaps both interest us and fill us with fear. The very exemplification of tumult and breakdown they are conceived in viciousness and end their days in harmony.

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