What are the Functions of operating system


How are you all,we are here to learn about different functions of Operating System.Before moving towards our topic let’s have a look on ,

What is operating system?

OS Software

OS is an interface between PC customer and PC gear .A working framework is a kind of programming which play out all the assignment like, File Management,Memory Management,Process Management,etc.

let’s understand with example,

Hardware do not understand our language directly , whatever we give instruction to the hardware to perform a certain task hardware only know machine language.

Then here come the main work of operating system ,operating system convert our assembly into machine language and give instruction to hardware and hardware perform the specific task.

That is why we call Operating System as an interface between hardware and the computer user.

Some popular types of operating system are:-

Window operating system:-

Window Operating System developed by Microsoft on 20 November 1985.It was first GUI based operating system.And the founder of Window is Bill Gates

Linux Operating System:-

Linux Operating System is based on linux kernal.It was released on 17 September 1991.It was developed by Linus Torvalds.

Mac Os :-

Mac Os developed by Apple on 1984.It is a GUI(Graphical User Interface) based .

Android Operating System

Android is mobile Operating System. It is modified version of linux kernal amd other open source software. It was first developed by Google in 2005

Functions of operating system

There are mainly four types of functions in operating system.
  1. Memory Management
  2. Process Management
  3. Device Management
  4. File management

Memory Management

Memory Management is a type of process in which it manages all the memory of computer system.

It is an administration of essential memory or principle memory . It dole out all the memory in the square of memory in running project through, which all the fundamental framework get enough memory.

The principle capacity of memory the board take a shot at essential memory that is likewise called as fundamental memory,that is the reason essential memory give quick stockpiling that can be effectively access by the CPU.

For execution of a program it must be in essential memory .An Operating System does following movement for Memory Management.

  • It keep track of all the memory that is what part of memory are in use and which part of memory is not in use .
  • When their is need of multi programming in computer system then memory management decided ,which process will be get memory how much memory.
  • When a process need memory then memory management allocate the memory for that process.
  • And after all when there is no longer need of memory or the process has been terminated , it de-allocate the memory.

Process Management

When there is need of multi programming in a computer system then the OS decide which process will get the access of processor and for how much time . This process is know as process management.

A OS does the accompanying action for process the executives.

  • keep all the record or track of processor and the process. And the program is performed by is know as Traffic controller.
  • Allocate the processor for a process.
  • Deallocate the processor when their is no longer use of processor or the process has been terminated.

Device Management

Device management is responsible for managing all the hardware devices of a computer system. It manages all the I/O devices such a keyboard ,printer , scanner etc.

The OS does following activity for device management.

  • It keeps all the tracks of devices like which device is working on which process and which device is free right now , and where to allocate the devices.
  • The management who does following activity is know as I/O controller.
  • It decide which process will get the authority of which device and for ,how much time.
  • It allocate the devices when any process request for the devices.
  • And it deallocate the device when the process get over or terminate.

File Management

File management is basically for handling all the files of computer system.The files are organised into directories. That is why because it is easy to navigate all the files which are stored in directories. It is the process of manipulation all the files into a computer system.

An OS perform following activity for File management.

  • It keeps all the information and the status and location of the files.For easy navigation.
  • The process of collecting the files in a sequence is know as the file system.
  • It decide who will get the resources.And it allocate the resources.
  • It deallocate the resources when no longer need of it.

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