The fundamental idea of Nanotechnology is to update old thing into its littler structure and make it progressively valuable for individual.Decreasing size of part and expanding its proficiency it helpful for person.

Evolution of Nanotechnology

The word Nano – innovation originated from Greek word Nano and innovation, Nano signifies ‘predominate ‘which mean little in size. The Technology which directs little size, its size lies between (1-100) nm. If we see in past the computers are very big in size but now they are small in size and work fast as compare before.

There are many type of technology

few of them below:-

  1. Bio-technology
  2. Info-technology
  3. Nano-technology



Mostly Biotechnology are used in making medicine and the revolution of Bio-technology make medicine world in its higher position, with the help of Bio-technology now we are able to find the medicine of various disease, and now we can solve many of medical problem with the help of this.

Application of bio-technology:-

There are a number of applications of Nano technology some of them are given below- 

1: DNA Engineering 

2:-Recombination of in the planet

3:-Making medicine for new disease


  • Many of disease are not as harmful as they were in the past because now we are able to control them.
  • With the assistance of Nanotechnology now we can help those individuals who are not able to walk.
  • In making fertilizer it assumes a significant job on the grounds that with the assistance of bio innovation we can make manure huge sum.
  • We as a whole think about urea this assistance our farmers a ton in their work. It is modest and furthermore extremely helpful.



Right now the most significant and important thing is data. Right now data of individual are store in his virtual ID.

“Info –technology mean to collect all data and present in some effective manner”. All the country are attempting to ensure their information by numerous way .


  • With assistance of data innovations the texting, messages, voice and video calls turns out to be speedier, less expensive and much proficient.
  • By executing data frameworks we can cut down the etymological, geological and some social limits.



In present day society the subject which is for the most part being looked and numerous establishments are working and attempt to make new unrest is Nanotech.

Nano Technology is utilized for making things/machines in little in size and increasingly viable. Because of this innovation the universe of machine get unimaginable development and achievement.


Right now there are significantly number of utilizations of Nano innovation in our every day life and for other work moreover. There are a few applications given beneath.

1-In agriculture:-


In the event that we see our cutting edge horticulture strategy there is a huge change came in our agribusiness technique and Credit goes to Nano innovation in light of the fact that with the assistance of Nano innovation we can our work successfully in less time.That’s the reason farming division likewise wants to work with Nanotechnology .

2:-In making medicine:-


scientists are trying to make medicine which is programmed for killing cancer cell. This will be a best example for this technology. In this method the highly programmed medicine will inject in human body and they will kill cancer cells.through nano-technology this process can be easily done.

3:-In making robots:-


All country are making robots to make their work easy and it is a common project for all country.

For various works in various zone. Robots are making human work simple and do it in less time and can likewise do a lot of work in extremely brief time frame.

Through Nanotechnology it tends to be done in extremely productive way .That’s the reason Robotics organization additionally lean toward Nanotechnology.


There are a great deal of advantages of Nano innovation and it is being utilized from numerous prior years. As we probably am aware creation of motherboard, chips, SIM, phones are finished by Nanotechnology. So we can say that we using Nanotechnology various earlier years.

  • Numerous researchers are going for Making of waterproof glasses with the goal that the collection of vehicles never get messy. What’s more, there are likewise numerous utilization for this reason.
  • Tennis  racket is a best example of Nano technology.
  • As we know that in past memory were very large in size but now due to revolution of Nano technology they become very compact in size.

There are two sides of every coin so there are so many benefits of Nanotechnology. But there are some drawback/disadvantage also.

Health effect

Every nano-particle available have different features and quality ,thus the effect of that particle will be different,that’s why that can be very dangerous to human health.

One another thing comes out that is ,some studies said that nano-particle can easily enter our body naturally.It can be very risky for Human Body.


While nano-particle can not be seen by neked eyes ,The cost of nano-particle is also high . A typical can not bear the cost of it that is the reason few out of every odd one is utilizing Nanotechnology.

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