Did k2-18b find Aliens ? Is there any World outside our World ? Are you ready to know about that World ?

As soon as we hear the names of aliens, there is a curiosity. who are they? Where they live? What they do? How they do? Are aliens around us?

So let’s know some interesting things about the world of aliens.

The K2-18b which was discovered in 2015 is 124 light years away and is 2.6 times the radius and 8.6 times the mass of the Earth.

Now you must have aroused a curiosity in your mind as to what this is. K2-18b So I want to tell you guys this is an exoplanet planet.

According to Doctor Nikku Madhusudan from the Institute of Astronomy, Cambridge, who led the new research, if the planet is in the habit of living, it does not even mean it. That there are also habitable conditions on the surface here.
One of his team has tried to find out whether there is a quantity of water vapor or not? However, after much research, they came to know that the amount of water vapor, presence of chemicals like methane and ammonia was found to be less than expected. But still the amount of water vapor is considerable.

So after getting all this information a lot of things are coming out. So that it can be ascertained that if this planet is worth living then maybe the aliens live there ?
This planet takes 33 days to make one round of the sun.
More information will be obtained with the launch of the James Webb Space Telescope by NASA next year.

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