We support you to fastly create a successful internet company

If you have a great idea we're excited to know everything about it. Please read these steps and submit your application.


After reading your description, we set an appointment where we are enthusiast to see, if possible, a prototype or videos and screenshots of your project.

Your group should move to the Greater Milan area for a duration of 3–4 months to start-up your idea. This is not mandatory but working closely with your mates and other groups has been proven to create a positive environment where people naturally share experience, advice and knowledge.


We will set-up the new company with you providing G&A, HR and all the tools you need.

We will provide a place where to work.


When the company is set and the version 1.0 is working — tipically in 3–4 months time — we introduce the project to investors for the next stage.


On the next steps we keep working with the company, you are not left alone.

About us


Who we are:

seed internet venture

Techeadway is an early seed Internet Venture. We select people with great ideas based on the internet world and give them all support, included financial, to start-up their own business, building a company and realizing a working 1.0 version. Then we introduce the new company to investors willing to bring the project to further stages.

Our goal

Our goal is to work together with these people: we take charge of all the organization part while they stay tuned on their idea. Together we can build a really good company.


People have smart ideas

We think that a lot of people have smart ideas but they are not supported in developing the idea into a project. They have to raise funds, crowl in an impressive amount of paperwork, avoid legal tricks and, if they survive, find an investor willing to finance their company. The result is that people has brilliant ideas but fall into depression when even thinking about starting a company.


What we do:

Financial Support

Financial Support — When we find an idea we like, we create a brand new company with the inventors. We take charge of the company creation plus we invest further funds to make the company start. Global investment at this stage could be up to 20k euros.


Mentoring — Finding the best people for each need increase dramatically the quality of the project and reduce at a fraction the development time. At Techeadway we can get in touch the founders with the best professionals in many different areas: Marketing, PR, HR, Hiring, Communication, Business Development, Technical, Product Management.

Legal Support

Legal Support — Creating a brand new company requires to deal with laws and a lot of legal aspects. We collaborate with a network of lawyers that guide the company firmly in this sometimes frightening world.



Logistical Support

Logistical Support — Once the company has been created it is time to make it run. Founders need a place where to work, a computer, an high speed internet connection, software tools … plus they could need to hire employees or to have a technical advice. Once again, Techeadway can help in all these needs.

Fuounding Support

Funding Support — When the project is a working 1.0 version and proves to be interesting, it needs further funds to become commercial. Techeadway organize meeting between the founders and investors interested in financing the project.

Apply now

Apply now — So if you have a fresh idea about a service or application to be used on the internet, that people can find interesting or useful, and you are thrilled to start a brand new company based on your idea, do not hesitate, apply right now!

Who we're looking for


You must be:


A team — As a matter of fact, most successful start-up are those with two or three founders, with strong relationship and different skills. For example it is a good starting point having a programming fanatic working with a web designer. A single founder shall not be funded.


Motivated — Start-up your idea is something very exciting but it is really hard. Competition is really tough and the road is full of obstacles. You must have the persistence to overtake every single one of them.


Focused — A start-up is like a newborn baby - you must provide everything 24/7, no way to delegate a nanny. To succeed there is only one way: ”focus in what you want and put in it all the energy you have”.



Smart — A lot of good ideas seem bad at the beginning or seem obvious once they have been realized. We think that success of a project it is not in how difficult it is to implement it but in how much people think it is useful. So we are looking for people who live in the world and keep thinking about they can improve it. Think out of the box.


Friendly — It is really hard (even if it is not impossible) to start-up an idea alone. To run a successful company, you need several competences from technical to designing, from legal to accounting and it is hard (even if it is not impossible) to have them all in a single head. So you will work with several people and a key to success is to be able to deal with others people expectations, advices and complains.

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“To raise new questions, new possibilities, to regard old problems from a new angle,
requires creative imagination and marks real advance in science.”
Albert Einstein
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